Nike Global Summit in China after the war

Back in the "Labor Contract Law" before the introduction of Nike's contract factories began from their own factories in Dongguan and Jiangsu Jiangxi moved to areas with low labor costs. Today, Vietnam and other Southeast Asia has been far lower than labor costs in China, Nike Cheap Air Max TN moved production to be reasonable. Nike's history, the global industrial transfer itself is a "benchmark." The early days of 1964, mainly Nike contract with the contractor in Japan production of sports shoes. With local wages in Japan, Nike, the production moved to Korea and China Taiwan, in 1982, more than Bacheng Nike sports shoes produced in these two areas.

 To 1990, most of Nike's production processes are moved to the mainland of China, and now several of Nike in China's major OEM partners, are then transferred over from China Taiwan. After the 20th century, Indonesia, Vietnam increasingly become an important part of Nike's production base. The future of its transfer of production to low-cost areas of action will become more frequent. Nike's latest consolidation of distribution channels reported a profit despite the global downturn, but the Asia Pacific region, in particular, China has become the most stable market for its growth. Nike notice nike air max 24-7 sent to the author also shows that China is still the largest Nike footwear, apparel and equipment manufacturing supplier, Nike is the world's second largest market. "Nike of China's commitment to change." Learned that Nike is still on the dealer channels in China a series of adjustments. Nike provincial level in China, a distributor of the author, said Nike has recently recovered its distribution rights in Hunan, the grounds that the dealers in Hunan,Air Max Australia has formed a "dominant company" situation.

 According to reports, Nike is likely followed the same reason, Hebei and other places to get some dealer "under the knife." GE Star said that when Nike first entered the Chinese market, in order to snatch the market as soon as possible, the implementation of a multi-agent system, a national distributor of the following regional distributors, each layer getting goods dealer discounts and different, which also led to Nike has not been able to establish a unified price system, excessive competition in the market also makes Nike's brand image by a certain degree of damage. Today Belle, Po-yuan, the agents have to cover channels in most parts of the country, Nike has begun to recover emboldened the distribution rights in some regions. "Powers" may still be after "decentralization." The dealer said, Nike's concept of the channel, we hope that each region nike air max 2009 has at least three or four strong dealer, to form a full competition. This operation can enhance the brand, the bargaining power of suppliers to retailers, but also to make the purpose of competition among distributors. "For example, if a market capacity is 100%, a dealer may only be 80% done, several form competition, this market is likely to be 120%." The Nike dealers said.

 The same is located in Taicang, Jiangsu province, a foundry responsible for Nike, said the author, Nike Cheap Nike Air Max recently has been to the factories that, for the integration and streamlining of the procurement supply chain considerations, Nike will no longer 6 months to the factory provide new business orders. To relocate to make the low-cost Nike foundry in Taicang confusion is that in order to stop the provision of new business before the Feb. 17, Nike has just announced plans to invest nearly 1 billion U.S. dollars in Taicang, Jiangsu Province to establish its Asia's largest logistics center in the news. Because Nike is its most important customers, and stop order means that the plant will be more than 50% loss of business. GE Star that this just shows the determination of the transfer of Nike production. As the spending power of the Yangtze River Delta region ahead of the national average, the market has always been the reliance on Nike. Nike in the Yangtze River Delta to other areas of production, its new logistics center, covering the East China market will continue to play its role. Before Rui (Shanghai) Business Consulting Co., Ltd., general nike air max 90 manager of the sand by the peak, having previously worked in the Nike Department of the Chinese market. He said Nike's asset-light model, trained to have their innate sensitivity to the cost of fluctuations.

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